Photos of the Windsor Hotel, Cairo

You may know that I have a fondness for architecture. This hotel is splendid for a guy like me. In general, Cairo is unbelievably interesting architecturally and totally beautiful

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2 Responses to Photos of the Windsor Hotel, Cairo

  1. Casey says:

    Plush diggs effendi. Port and cigars, in the war room. Lord Kitchner will join you presently.

    • Well, not really. I’ll take that as a compliment on my photography. The Windsor is more like a faded harlot than a hot date. Originally baths for the Egyptian royalty, it became an officer’s club for English officers during the 19th and 20th centuries (I surmise this time scale). Now it is on a rather seedy but fine for me street in a seedy section of downtown Cairo. I didn’t go there to be upscale so the neighborhood was great as far as I’m concerned. Later I’ll post some pix of the open air ad-hoc Friday mosque (minus the mosque) services we ran into coming back to the hotel, right around the corner from us. God is apparently wherever you plant your knees on a rug, a Protestant-like approach.

      My room had no toilet but did have a sink and a shower. For hot water it was necessary to run the water for 10-15 minutes to get it up to an acceptable temperature. I had no defense against the mosquitoes except to cover myself when I slept. That worked except for me left arm, which habitually extends out from ujnder my pillow and was consequently live meat for the mosquitoes.

      The bar is charming, very faded empire. Beers there were about twice what they cost in the expat bar near Tahrir Square, 10 Egyptian pounds. I like the light fixtures the old wood, the sheer curtains, the vaguely Islamic shape of the windows. It should be mentioned that the staff assiduously cleans the bar each morning. My room was clean, the sheets and towels clean. It cost $36/night. There was a gorgeous room right next to mine with a full bath, a wonderful armoire, a big window and so forth, but that was $62/night and I decided I didn’t spend enough time in the room during the day to justify the extra expense.

      I believe the hotel is owned by a Copt family. They are upgrading the bathrooms, a smart move since that seems to be the thing that most moves travelers. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

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