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Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

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RT.com report on the rebel sabotage of the Wadi Barada springs

Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

RT.com has just identified the jihadist who blew up the pumping station in Wadi Barada. He is the infamous leader of the al-Malarki militia that has been funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and East Waziristan. He goes by the name Yossan Miti al-Sami and has reputedly killed and eaten the hearts of 2,386 Syrian soldiers.


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List of Progressive & Democratic Syrian Opposition Groups, Individuals, Websites

Reach out and contact these groups, individuals and websites to help Syrians who are still fighting for justice and human rights.  This is a long list.  Please scroll down to the end and past the g…

Source: List of Progressive & Democratic Syrian Opposition Groups, Individuals, Websites

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The dispossessed

This was originally published in Al-Jumhuriya Evacuation. It sounds like a humanitarian operation. The word conceals its brutality. Haunting drone footage shows a seemingly endless convoy of ambula…

Source: The dispossessed

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Save Aleppo! Oh, hang on, Aleppo is not Kobani …

Please help the people of Aleppo, just like we helped the people of Kobani. Oh, hang on, Aleppo? Kobani? Oh, that’s right. In Kobani they were Kurds. Civilised, secular, “progressive…

Source: Save Aleppo! Oh, hang on, Aleppo is not Kobani …

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Observations on the Battle of Aleppo and the demise of the US antiwar “movement”

From 3 /12 months ago but aging very well! A piece by my comrade-in-arms in defending the Syrian Revolution David A Turpin Jr.

We Write What We Like

US-SYRIA-POLITICS-PROTEST Some “anti-imperialists” who think that the US Empire is the cause of the war in Syria. SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images


Putin cynically offers humanitarian corridors to Aleppo. The cynicism of his proposal is so obvious that even the spineless United Nations must insist on control of the corridors, so as to offer the proposal a fig leaf of “legitimacy”.

Putin’s offer must be understood for what it is: 1) He is responding to international pressure to end the siege of Aleppo, 2) He is preparing a “justification” for new massacres.

Just as the Assad regime only “negotiated” while preparing military offensives, the “humanitarian corridors” offered by Putin are only intended to deflect international criticism as Putin and Assad starve 300,000 people and bury them with air and artillery strikes.

The “terrorists” are using the people as shields, we are told by the apologists for the…

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Addressing the Oireachtas (Me and Hassoun)

Robin Yassin-Kassab is co-author, with Leila Al-Shami, of Burning Country, the single best book I am aware of about the Syrian Revolution.


hassoun Hassoun and Assad

I was happy to have a chance to adress the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Irish Parliament. I spoke about the crushing of the Syrian revolution and the Russian and Iranian occupation of Syria. You can read my address below.

Before me, the committee was addressed by a delegation of the Syrian regime, headed by the state Mufti, Ahmad Badreddine Hassoun. Hassoun has previously threatened Europe and America with an army of suicide bombers, and has specifically called for the civilians of liberated Aleppo to be bombed. It’s incredible that such a man can get a visa to a European country (unlike millions of desperate Syrians who are not terrorists), let alone address a parliament. Hassoun was also invited to Trinity College, and (most ironic of all) to sign some declaration ‘against extremism’.

Some argue that Hassoun should be heard in the interests…

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